A FANatical double date with Mr Khan :D


Born in the 90’s. CHECK

Swooning over those Swiss mountain romances. CHECK

Those arms wide open, that hand out of the train, that dimpled smile and those charming eyes that keep you glued to the screen no matter what. CHECK

Yes, perhaps, I too have been one of those growing up with the fairy tale romances and that effervescent charm that Shah Rukh Khan defined during my times with the DDLJ’s, the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’s, the Dil Toh Pagal Hai’s and the likes. Almost two decades later, the enthusiasm to watch him on the big screen remains more or less similar!

Cutting the long story short, Maneesh Sharma’s FAN brings signature Dillism along with one of those cutting edge performances of Shah Rukh Khan, while he plays both the superstar Aryan Khanna and his ardent follower and FAN, Gaurav Channa. While the star Aryan is more or less the superstar himself (as has been portrayed by the media so far), it is the passionate yet thrilling Gaurav whose strikingly weird buck toothedness further adds to the layers of his half fanatic, half psychotic character.

Gaurav is the self-proclaimed Junior Aryan Khanna and a star performer in his little world of Inder Vihar in Delhi, whose only dream and life goal has been to meet his Godfather Aryan Khanna. However, things take a tumultuous turn when Aryan disagrees to acknowledge his presence or efforts. Gaurav as the self-indulgent and crazy FAN is fierce and fiery, while he takes you back to the ‘Kkkkkk..kiran of Darr’ or the ‘Madannn Chopraaa of Baazigar’ days almost effortlessly. The background score clubbed with a few selected tracks and tunes from Shah Rukh’s kitty of films are all you have for music and perhaps that works well to keep up the mood and the content of the film. Only that my half-Bengali heart yearns for Anupam Roy’s voice enjoying Byapok Fan and much do I miss watching and hooting for the song on screen!  Shriya Pilgaonkar as Gaurav’s love interest, Waluscha D Souza as Aryan’s wife and Sayani Gupta as Aryan Khanna’s assistant are the only ones you would notice in this otherwise out and outright SRK Film. Watch out for the interesting first stage performance where Gaurav makes his presence felt as Junior Khanna for some SRK overdose!

Go for it hands down, if you are well.. a FAN ; to see a thrillingly chilling facet of Shah Rukh Khan, in case you’re a movie buff and to watch stardom meets self-indulgence meets half psychosis, if you’re anything else!

FANatic behaviourism manifests into writing this. CHECK 😉

© 2016 reachyashika. All rights reserved.


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