Tasting a slice of Zindagi

Dear Ms Shinde , 
 From the grappling issues of a housewife to the messed up shit in the lives of Gen Y girls You sure delve deep into the heart and soul of a lady. Just touches lighter notes this time !

Dear Ms Bhatt, 

 You outshine most contemporaries, perhaps even a few veterans with the emotional scene delivery, especially. Definitely a treat to watch !
Dear Mr Khan, 

 Back then used to be romantic anecdotes and this time it’s life lessons. Your presence, your aura is always ‘therapy’ to the soul! 

Dear audience, 

 Here’s a slice of life we’ve always known, often felt, least expressed. For all you know, you might find yourself floating on one of those waves if nothing else. 
‘To letters’ and to life. 

P.S. Yashaswini Dayama as Jackie, is a great find! 

© 2016 reachyashika. All rights reserved.


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