The Jagga tale, for the child in you

Anurag Basu’s tribute to his father and gift to his children is an endearing tale but one with a few overdone twists and turns. 

Jagga is Disney’s desi musical that poignantly tells the story of a young boy in search of his (foster) father. Basu takes no time to set the mood and you’ll know what you’re in for, right from fame one. Jagga Jaasos is a sincere attempt to allure and engage the little ones and transport them into the fascinating adventures journeying through thought provoking life lessons, socially relevant scenarios stirring up genuine emotions. However, a convoluted plot leaves us wondering if we could get more out of the father-son chemistry that is at times lost amidst the humdrum. 
Ranbir is perhaps the best suited skin for Bollywood’s version of Sherlock Holmes. He emotes effortlessly and leaves you teary eyed in a few scenes. 
Saswata Chatterjee has clearly found the Mr. Bagchi in him through Kahaani and Jagga. Saurabh Shukla too is true to his character. 
Pritam’s album blends well with the musical. ‘Ullu le’ sticks on long after you’ve left the theatres. The song also marvels in Shaimak Davar’s neatly directed dance moves and quick witted words by Amitabh Bhattacharya. 
The screenplay seems slightly dragged at times but Basu covers it up with his remarkable ability to involve the audiences in some lingering scenes. 
Wait until the last frame for a hit and miss surprise. 

© 2017 reachyashika. All rights reserved.


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