An Ode to Bangalore

For the College Goer, the Wayfarer and the City Lover…


Part One: For the College Goer

I faintly recollect my first day in the Garden City,

Mesmerised by its modern antiquity,

Bore the badge of a cheerful Christite,

Looking forward to the so called independent life!

Dormitories to guest rooms to multistoreys..

Traversed through the various levels of nurturing sanctuaries,

Learning the little lessons of life,

While the pulse of the city kept me alive.



Part Two: For the Wayfarer

Rains are a rhythm in Bangalore,

Surprising you with sudden downpours,

Take that scenic drive to Wayanad, Coorg, Kodaikanal or Chikmagalur,

Or just experience the grandiose of Mysore,

And when in doubt about where to shop,

Brigade Road, Commercial Street and Chikpet ought to be your stops,

If a good ol’ yellowed book is all you need,

Then head straight to Blossoms bookstore on Church Street.

When you just wish to cut off and detach from the work bug,

Just walk into any Indiranagar brewery or a Koramangla pub.

When craving for those ultimate unrivalled sweets,

Corner House, Spoonful of Sugar, Glen’s and Smoor offer happy treats! 😀

For traditional South Indian cravings, there’s old Malleswaram,

CTR, MTR and Veena Stores serve the best dosas, idlys and uthappams.

For an English breakfast download,

Stop at Koramangla’s Hole in the Wall or Koshy’s on St. Marks Road,

Not to forget the must do list of quick eateries,

Truffles, Bric Oven, Chinita, all covering different cuisines.

In case you’re looking for an early morning weekend thrill,

Head to Cubbon Park for a nature walk or catch the sunrise at Nandi Hills!

Strolling across MG Road is perfect to end a buzzing weekend,

Also you’d find antics and handicrafts @Cauvery Emporium just on that road’s bend.

Only for its energy, you must visit Phoenix Mall,

Or catch an evening show at Chowdiah Memorial Hall!

Traffic in Bangalore can sometimes be a menace,

However, the weather and its people make it a warm place! 🙂

And just in case you have a problem with the language,

Just say ‘Kannada Gothilla’ and you’ll be doing just great!!


Part Three: For the City Lover

Coming back to my independent life and my goals in the city,

It has instilled professionalism, confidence, grace & integrity.

And for all those times that I felt lonely,

There was always family away from family.

And a bunch of beautiful buddies to count on,

For moments in which the heart was forlorn.

Landed, learnt, travelled, loitered and lazed around,

Couldn’t have asked for a better learning ground.

Each time that I shall look back at my development,

The city truly deserves a mention, for it fostered my nourishment!

I carry with me a few pieces of the Bangalore pie,

And its after taste leaves me on a passionate high!



Namma Bengaluru, I shall continue to love you!


If you’re in the city and you love the city just as much

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