“Tale as old as time..song as old as rhyme- Beauty and the Beast”

Enchanted as much as I’m mesmerized,

Bringing alive in me that li’l child,

Who’s revisiting one of her bedtime stories,

Pumped with technology, grandiose and glory!


–The story begins with ‘Once upon a time in France..’

Casting the spell of old-school romance.

Bewitched are a Prince and his castlemen,

By an enchantress, who had been scorned by them.

Prince turns Beast and the castlemen are locked,

Morphed under teapots, cups, pianos, candelabrums and clocks.

On one condition only would they to human turn,

If the Beast loved a woman and she loved him back in return.

And so by fates glory and unusual circumstances,

Witty and charming Belle entered the palace premises!

And with her essence, warm, fearless and bold,

The Beast’s kindliness did unfold.

And then of course they fell in love gradually,

Living happily forever after, breaking the spell finally!—


Ms. Watson is charming as can be,

The cutlery and furniture sets too, become friendly,

Stealing the show are the VFX and those rhythmic accounts,

Blending technology and a Sound of Music or Mamma Mia that you’re bound to recount,

A delightful piece of a lyrical this,

Taking me back to the school/college abyss,

Disney’s own fairy tale is retold fairly well

Only beware that it is upon nostalgia that you shall dwell!

© 2017 reachyashika. All rights reserved.